Greetings and salutations!

2012 blogger newbie here. For over a year now, I contemplated starting my very own blog but hesitated each time. I struggled with the same questions I assume all aspiring, first-time bloggers ask themselves: do I have something interesting worth sharing? Will anyone want to read what I have to say? While those and various other queries remain to be answered, one will never discover the answers unless the old college try is given. So, world, here I am!

As an avid home cook and occasional traveler, I initially plan to blog about my experiences in the kitchen, restaurants, and on the road. The impetus for finally starting this adventure came, in fact, after I successfully created my best homemade ice cream yet. (Don’t worry, the recipe will be coming very soon!) Because I also harbor a great fondness for movies, music, television, reading, and my family & friends, I’m sure the blog will evolve to include an array of haphazardly related as well as completely unrelated topics. I would not even be surprised if a political commentary finds its way to cyberspace every now and then.

While most of the questions pertaining to this blog I ask myself, the only one I have for you, then, is: care to join me on this journey? I would love it if you did!



Please Discuss

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