Lately, when I drive to work, I pass a food truck here in Harrisonburg, Virginia that sells fresh made donuts. For weeks I kept telling myself I should stop by and check out the goods. So yesterday, finally, I stopped by Strite’s Donuts stand and purchased a half dozen of their hot, fresh donuts – glazed, cinnamon & sugar, and blueberry, some with the glaze still dripping from the doughy goodness. (If there were any chocolate donuts left, you can be sure I would have added those to my take-home box, too.) A sucker for glazed donuts, I found Strite’s offerings delicious – both the original and the blueberry. How can you go wrong with fried dough coated in a sugary glaze? The blueberry donuts feature a nice, clean tang to the donut – a flavor combination I may not have put together but works splendidly. For any friends who live here in Harrisonburg or those who may be passing through, give Strite’s a try – you won’t be disappointed! Visit them on facebook!



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