18 June 2012 (Meatless Monday)

This week’s meatless Monday challenge came as we celebrated my admittance to graduate school with our good friend Jen. We chose the Capital Ale House in downtown Harrisonburg for our festivities owing to their ideal location, delicious appetizers, and extensive beer list. Extensive may actually be an understatement. As Jen had never been there before, she was overwhelmed by the choices and prodded our server for a little help. There are literally 100 beers on tap from all over the world. (My favorite happens to be any type of pear cider.) The restaurant also offers a huge Bavarian style pretzel served with a spicy-sweet brown mustard, both of which are craveable. So, we settled into our booth. Friends? Check. Beer? Check. Snacks? Check. Great conversation? Check. The test? Temptation. In the form of $2.00 burgers. There exists a slippery slope between imbibing alcohol and eating, particularly when you take into account the loss of sound judgment and all. I can happily report, though, we successfully avoided the burgers and stuck with the pretzel, some excellent spiced peanuts, a bland beer-cheese dip with pretzel bread, and yummy carrot cake speckled with mystery nuts.



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