New name. New look. Same happy food.

Hello, dear readers!

It’s been a while. Almost two months, actually. I began the summer with all these grand plans for increased productivity – reading and researching for the looming school year, learning how to maintain the previously beautiful landscaping at our new place, and blogging more frequently about my adventures with all things food. Well, I can tell you I accomplished exactly zero of those things. Zilch. I’ve attempted to weed the landscaping a total of four times, with little to no success…I may have even killed a rose bush. (Tune in next spring to see if I did, indeed, manage to murder the helpless plant.) As far as my studies are concerned, I’ve officially read half of one book related to my school work. And although I planned to ramp up the blogging, that obviously did not happen. I even experienced some great food at home and on the road, Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis stands out as a highlight I still may write a post about. Based on my lack of follow-through, however, I can’t promise anything definitively outside of saying that Pappy’s serves some amazing food. The one thing I accomplished with any sense of completeness was to start and finish a video game that sat unplayed since its release several years ago. (Assassin’s Creed II for those who must know.) Now it’s August. The back-to-school sales are in full swing, summer is racing to an end, and creative inspiration finally struck, reigniting my excitement to blog. I therefore present to you my redesigned, renamed site: Happy Food!

Why the name change and why now? Well, when I established the blog in April of 2012, I never intended to name it after myself. I pondered and pondered and pondered, but I couldn’t come up with a fitting name. However, I knew that I would stumble upon a better title one day, so I initially settled on ChristopherJCarlberg. It looked cool with the layout I chose and would be easy to change if and when I would dream up a better name. Then, while in the shower one morning not too long ago, an idea popped into my head: “I could name my blog Happy Food!” I’m not sure if one can get divine inspiration while showering, but I felt as though some higher power spoke directly to me that morning. Plus, the more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea. After all, this blog focuses on the food related experiences and memories that make me happy. I knew almost immediately the name perfectly described the theme and content of my blog, and as soon as I committed myself to instituting the change, I found myself excited once again to write about and share my happy food adventures. And that brings us to the present day changes. So, come on – let’s get happy!



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